MD Place



Duties and responsibilities will include but not limited to:

  • Collating, analyzing and evaluating company social media performance.
  • Able to translate the data into something that is simple and actionable
  • analyze every MD digital campaign and digital ads
  • Analyze any digital campaign competitors
  • Provide recommendations to the team for a better campaign
  • Collect data from every MD social media


  • Male/Female, 21-27 years old
  • Bachelor (S1) degree from reputable University.
  • Computer Literate and proficiency in Microsoft Office applications, including Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access.
  • Active on social media with strong social media experience
  • Able to work effectively in a team and working relationships
  • Have the ability to produce original ideas, attractive
  • Excellent communication skills, with strong presentation skills.
  • Fluent in English both oral and written


Duties and responsibilities will include but not limited to:

  • E-invoicing and invoice (tax invoices)
  • Familiar with MS Office application and accounting program (Accurate and GL Program).
  • Bank reconciliation, fixed assets register commercial and fiscal
  • Able for prepare tax of 21 report, tax of 23 report, Final Income Tax Article 4 paragraph 2 (taxation) ,PPN report monthly
  • Financial report: balance sheet, income statement, cash flow, costing, etc.


  • Male / Female, age 22-35 years.
  • Notice period ASAP
  • Candidate must at least Bachelor (S1) Degree in Accounting /Finance/Tax/Equivalent
  • 1 year experience the same position as Tax/Accounting Staff, mastering the basics of accounting and financial report preparation.
  • Honest, Thorough, has strong analytical skills and be responsible
  • Able to work both in a team and independently
  • Computer literate (Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Power Point, Internet)


Duties and responsibilities will include but not limited to:

  • Managing petty cash with imprest method
  • Input the reimburse of petty cash transactions using accounting software
  • Managing advance payments and realization
  • Handle cash withdrawals to banks and payment with cheque
  • Financial report


  • Male/Female, Max 35 years old.
  • Education D3 or S1 Accounting / economic accounting.
  • Attention to detail and mathematical skills
  • 1 year experience the same position as Cashier.
  • Computer literate (Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Power Point, Internet)
  • Honest, Thorough, has strong analytical skills and be responsible
  • Able to work both in a team and independently


Duties and responsibilities will include but not limited to:

  • Create, deliver, edit, and optimize PR materials.
  • Coordinate flow of information and communication and disseminate it according to plan/strategy.
  • Attending or setting up exhibitions and conferences.
  • Analysing coverage and tracking emerging issues using digital tracking on, for example, websites or blogs of interest to their clients.
  • Create and deliver press releases, media relations content, case studies, white papers, executive bios, corporate newsletter content, social media content, and speaking proposals.
  • Work with manager and business units to determine budget and manage expenses to that budget.
  • Identify, develop and execute communications strategy for key media contacts and customer references.
  • Research media coverage and industry trends.
  • General administrative and clerical duties


  • Female, Max 40 years old.
  • Candidate must at least Bachelor (S1) Degree in Business/Marketing/Public Relations/Communications or equivalent.
  • Experience in acting as a company spokesperson; comfortable and skilled in both broadcast and print media interviews.
  • Strong relationships with media and communication industry.
  • Presentation skills, awareness of different media agendas , ability to prioritise and plan effectively.
  • Excellent communication skills, ability to think creatively, innovatively and well presented with a professional manner.
  • excellent organizational and time management skills with the ability to multitask.
  • Good verbal and written communication skills.


Duties and responsibilities will include but not limited to:

  • Oversee financial reports for stockholders, taxes, regulatory agencies, and other financial groups relating to company finance
  • Monitor the day-to-day financial operations within the company, such as payroll, invoicing, and other transactions.
  • Contract outside services for tax preparation, auditing, banking, investments, and other financial needs as necessary
  • Review financial data and prepare monthly and annual reports (Including for IPO, stock exchange, etc)
  • Coordinate and manage finance and accounting inclusive of budget review, corporation set up, pre-buy of foreign currency, payroll/accounting systems set up, production cash flow, ledger bibles, cost reports, balance sheets, check registers, and purchase orders, to ensure accuracy and strict policy adherence.
  • Manage tax incentive process, including but not limited to applications, audits, qualified expense tracking, etc.
  • Analyze costs, pricing, variable contributions, sales results and the company’s actual performance compared to the business plans.


  • Candidate must at least Bachelor (S1) Degree in Finance/Accounting /Equivalent.
  • Having min. 10 years working experiences (including 5 years in Managerial Position).
  • Detail-oriented with strong organizational, analytical, ability to work well with others in a fast-paced, dynamic environment, aggressive, and work well under pressure.
  • Strong initiative and ability to manage multiple projects
  • Solid understanding of payroll process, tax requirements and financial report for stockholders, taxes,and other financial regulatory agencies (OJK, IPO, etc).
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills with all levels of management


MD continues to produce soap operas based on the reality of life and other interesting stories that are full of meaning. The hope that can make the audience laugh or touched, come to feel the story that exists in every role and character that is served. MDs impressions are not solely produced for business and entertainment, but also for educating and giving moral messages to the audience.

Basically, MD intends to reach all levels of society of all ages with different levels of social life, because we believe every individual deserves quality entertainment.

We are here to provide it.